Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Gimme 5!"

For my latest BzzAgent campaign, I'll be taking on the part of a vending machine. For some odd reason, I didn't meet the demographics that Wrigley and BzzAgent had outlined for their new "5" sugar free gum, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to participate. Giving out gum samples just sounds like too much fun... after all, who doesn't like free candy? Maybe we'll hit the jackpot and they'll send enough to hand out on Halloween.

I just picked up the campaign, so I haven't received my kit yet. I'm making a trip to WalMart later so I may grab a pack to try it out. It's awfully hard to Bzz about it unless I've had it at least once. Some of my friends already have dibs on some of my samples so I'm obviously not the only one excited about it.

Hmm... this gives me an idea. Maybe I should dress up like a vending machine for Halloween while handing out candy at the door.


  • dotkelly

    I'm part of the 5 campaign too, and man, I LOVE that gum. It's just too good. :)

    (glitzkrieg from SD)

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I found your blog through the QC Times website. I would like to know what this campaign is about if you don't mind explaining. Do you make money from it? I'd like to find out more. Thanks.