Saturday, September 22, 2007

It just keeps on going and going and...

I have decided that Wrigley needs to hire the Energizer bunny for all future ads for the new Wrigley 5 sugar free gum. As I mentioned in "Gimme 5!", I received samples of the new gum as a BzzCampaign from BzzAgent recently.

On my first occasion to sample it, I tried Flare (the cinnamon flavored variety). I was on my way to an appointment right after lunch and decided it would be best if I freshened my breath on the five minute drive there. When I arrived and had to take the gum out, I felt like a kid debating on where to put the gum so I could finish it later. Obviously, it ended up in the garbage, but for that split second it was questionable.

I decided the next time I tried it, I would do it at a time when I wouldn't have to prematurely dispose of it. Mainly so I could find out how long it really lasts. I enjoy gum for the flavor, so I usually chew it until the flavor is gone, throw it out then get a new piece until the craving is satisfied. On my second attempt, I started the gum at 5:15 pm on my way to run errands. After about 15 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised that the gum had not lost any flavor. Repeat that phrase for the 30 minute and 45 minute intervals. At 60 minutes, I was getting annoyed and was expecting this gum to quit any minute. :sigh: When I hit the 90 minute marker, I decided the gum had won. I was tired of chewing it before the flavor was gone.

Rain, the spearmint variety, provided the same results and I suspect that Cobalt (the peppermint one) will as well. I have yet to determine how long the flavor actually lasts because I can't seem to get to that point. Maybe I should hire the Energizer bunny to try it and tell me how long it lasts...