Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's Going to Bee A Bzzy Halloween!

Sorry for the brag spot, but I couldn't resist posting a picture of my BzzAgents-in-training!

My folks took the girls to a fall festival event today and costumes were encouraged. Was nice to dress the girls in their costumes early since Halloween is usually so cold. The kids had a great time at the festival and I sure hope my parents did too! DH and I enjoyed being able to eat lunch at a restaurant and carry on a conversation at the same time.

I don't typically like to dress them alike, but not only did they both like the same costume, but DH and I loved them too. Unfortunately the little one thinks that if she dresses like a bee that she should be able to fly!


  • Anonymous

    Oh, I love Halloween. I'm hoping that my gf and I would dress up something alike. I wanna be Batman and she's Robin. But she wants to go as a King and Queen instead. She wants to wear this plus size queen. It looks elegant enough that it might work for her. But I wanna be Batman!