Monday, December 10, 2007

Give Yourself a Gift Card!

I was sitting in the locker room this morning filling out the forms to re-enroll my girls in swim class. My friend, Janet, asked what I was signing up for and I explained the Pike class that is limited to three students. They only recently started taking classes so I want to make sure they get a decent amount of one-on-one time with the instructor, without having to pay for private lessons.

So while I'm talking to her, I grumbled about how the price had gone up quite a bit from the last class they took. After looking through the brochure some more, I realized that it had not gone up as much as I thought because these were actually longer classes (8 sessions instead of 6 or 7). Thankfully, Janet knows I'm a penny-pincher and suggested "You should buy one of the gift cards then use it to pay for the lessons?"

And the point of that would be?... "Why?" I asked.

Janet replied "Because you can buy a $50 gift card for $45. If you're spending $50 anyway, you might as well save $5."

We simultaneously commented out loud "How did (I) NOT know that they were running a special?" since I'm always sharing tidbits of information on saving money. Pfft.

So I marched out to the counter, purchased $150 worth of gift cards for $135, signed up my daughters for a few different classes that would have otherwise totalled $134 and now have a small balance left on a gift card to use at a future time. Thanks Janet!

Guess I need to start looking at other places running similar promotions!


  • Anonymous

    We did something similar at Jamba Juice. They were giving a free small smoothie with the purchase of a $20 gift card. We figured we'll spend $20 there anyway, so might as well get a smoothie out of it! :)