Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seeing Ourselves in our Kids

Everyone says that you can tell a lot about yourself by what your kids say and do. I continue to learn how very true that is. I'm proud to see my kids using manners asking please and saying thank you without being prompted. They surprise people when they say "Excuse me" as they pass by or brush against someone at the store, mall or just out and about. We're trying to instill some values in the kids by teaching them compassion and care when someone needs consoling. I can gladly pat myself on the back when people tell me that my kids are very well behaved.

Unfortunately, I also see several mannerisms that aren't so becoming… I have a tendency to say "Oh, no no no" and "you're driving me crazy" along with a few other key personal phrases. You guessed it, they're repeating them. I guess it could be worse; they could catch me swearing and repeat it.

But it all came to a head this evening while they were playing in their new kitchenette. I was folding clothes in the other room but could clearly overhear their conversation. Miss M exclaimed "Oh no, we're burning it" followed by "Let's start over".


Maybe I can claim that they were watching daddy cook...