Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Air is NOT Free

After reading the dictionary request that Heather made today, I laughed and mentioned it to my husband. Generally, I don't air my grievances with him on my blog but I agree that the "Duhsband" things he does or says are fair game… In our case, the act or statement is usually followed by me yelling "Don't teach the kids THAT." As I mentioned in my comment on her post, DH pointed out the other day that my newest threatening phrase is "Be careful what you say, you may end up as a blog post."

Case in point… today while I was eating lunch and trying to read the paper, DH decided to try to get the kids riled up. Sidebar. I just had an Aha! Moment… seems that DH gets into the most mischief with our girls while I am in the process of attempting to consume food. (No jokes on how often I'm actually consuming food.) End sidebar. The girls started giggling; I looked up from the paper and DH, who had been hovering near me, jumped away. I think he was putting rabbit ears on me. This continued for a few minutes, off and on. As I attempted to swat him away like a fly, he said "Hey girls, watch how I make Mom mad." He then proceeded to wave his hands all around my head hollering "Air is free! Air is free!" "Arrghh! Stop that! Don't teach the girls that!" Then in a sinister voice, he looks back at the girls (who are about to choke from laughing while eating their mac and cheese), says "watch this" and puts his finger in his mouth. I have two brothers and know full well that the finger-in-the-mouth motion requires immediate defensive maneuvers. Thank goodness I was wearing a sweatshirt that was baggy enough to pull up to cover my ears… while I was simultaneously yelling "DON'T teach the girls THAT!"

As he walked away, he said "I know; I'm going to end up being a blog post. Why don't you call it Air is NOT free."

And here we are. At least he's fun and knows how to be silly, so I really can't complain. He really is the best.