Thursday, January 3, 2008

Watch Milk Come Out of Mommy's Nose

Miss K can be a pistol sometimes. No matter how long we play with her, the minute we're done, she asks "Do you want to play with me?" When we tell her "Not right now, honey, we just got done playing with you." She sulks away muttering "Nobody is going to play with me" or "Who's going to play with me?" It's actually a really sad sight and sometimes works – which is why she continues to use it. Note to my future self: beware the teenage years when she has the whole guilt-trip thing mastered.

As soon as we got home from the gym today, DH and I each got something to eat. Sometimes exercising makes me hungry and today was one of those days. No sooner do we sit down to eat when Miss K starts up her "play with me" macro. My mom had just called to tell us she was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. So I said to Miss K "Why don't you go stand by the door and see if anyone talks to you over there." I figured my mom would be arriving within a few minutes so it would work out. To our surprise, a few minutes later, Miss K shouted out to us "Nobody's talking to me here, either!" Thank goodness I was in-between bites because it totally cracked me up. DH was not so fortunate – I thought he was going to laugh his lunch out.

At dinner time, the three kids (Miss M, Miss K and DH) were being ornery, in a fun kind of way. He kept getting them all giggly and when I wasn't looking one time, did who knows what to make it worse. I'm usually pretty uptight about dinnertime because the girls take way too long to eat and it drives me crazy. Tonight was a nice change to that. Miss M and DH were showing each other their teeth and Miss K joined in. I'm happy to report that nobody's mouth was full… except mine. So when Miss K asked me to show her my teeth, I covered my mouth and mumbled "I have food in my mouth." I tried to chew quickly and just as she started to say "When you're done eating…" I reached over and picked up my glass to drink. Without losing a beat, she restarted her sentence with "When you're done drinking…" It doesn't sound that funny on paper, but when we were sitting here, having a 3 year old switch so quickly to rephrase just tickled me. I had so much trouble swallowing that mouthful of milk that DH chimed in with, you guessed it, "Hey girls, watch milk come out of Mommy's nose." He was sooo close to right. I guess I deserved it for laughing at him at lunchtime.

She's on a roll and I pray that she doesn't figure out that her whimsical little comments crack us up or we'll never be able to eat around her again!