Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Fitness Magazine Offer and More!

I'm a sucker for a free magazine. Only thing better than a free magazine subscription is a free two year subscription. Everyone makes fun of me because we receive so many magazines it's ridiculous. Whenever we move, I have to put together a spreadsheet just to make sure I took care of all of them. I think my record is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 subscriptions at one time. Thank goodness DH is a big reader. And for anyone who is concerned - I've always donated/recycled our "used" magazines to the hospital, doctor offices, gym or library.

With that being said - here's an offer for Two years of Fitness magazine from a site called Valuemags. I've used them for years and have never had a problem with them. Don't worry, they don't ask for your credit card. I never apply for a free magazine if they ask for my credit card number because that just doesn't make sense. In addition, I always use my initials instead of my full name when applying for any free offer and I make sure to use a junk email like hotmail. For this offer, just go to their site, provide your name/address/email information and you're good to go.

As a bonus, they have a few additional free magazine offers like Bridal Guide, Parents, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games for Windows, Sport Diver, Boating Life, and Waterski.

Edited 2/15 to add Parents Magazine and Sport Diver to the list.


  • Anonymous

    Magazine subscriptions are exactly the sort of reason I have two emails. One is the personal one, the other is purely for eCommerce, confirmation orders w/ Amazon, credit card re-ups and so on. Once you subscribe with one, the word gets out and you get flooded.

    Literary crack, I guess. I have been known to check in on Britney at the grocery store via the kind folks at People magazine.


  • Michele

    I only get one free magazine but I swear it's better than any of the paid ones. I think it's called Baby Talk and I love that magazine. It's small so I can read it from cover to cover very quickly and I always learn something new. Now I'll have to visit the site you recommended and see what other freebies I can come up with : )

  • Vince

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  • Anonymous

    I too got Fitness magazines from Value Mags...