Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Called a Bar of Soap

To celebrate DH’s birthday, we decided to take a short trip. Once at the hotel, Miss M was the first one to need to use the restroom so I unwrapped one of the complimentary bars of soap for her to use. She’s too small to reach it herself and of course, there are no stepstools here. So when she was ready, I hoisted her up to the sink to wash her hands. I was surprised when she asked “What’s that?” when I handed her the bar of soap.

Then I started thinking it through… We went from using the usual Johnson’s baby shampoo/wash right into the kids’ shower gel and separate shampoo. On all the sinks throughout the house, we have liquid hand soap in pumps. At relative’s houses, liquid hand soaps in pumps and at school and stores, wall-mounted liquid hand soap. Until this trip to the hotel, I hadn’t realized that they just had not crossed paths with a bar of soap before – or at least, hadn’t remembered.

I have a bunch of the complimentary bars that I keep in the guest bathroom for when we have guests staying over – figure it’s better to have those than for people to worry about bringing their own soap with them. So maybe I should put one in the girls’ bathroom as a novelty. Since a bar of soap is such an unusual concept to them, maybe they’ll be excited to use it!

Years ago, I remember playing Pictionary with my younger cousin and the word was alarm clock. While all the rest of us drew an old fashioned clock (you know, with the two bells on top), he tried to draw a digital one. Wonder what other everyday things that we grew up with that kids today aren’t familiar with.


  • Anonymous

    My vote would go to the old phones that were mass distributed in the 1970s, and had the classic ring tone.

  • Unknown

    I have a flip side for you. The community I live in is somewhat isolated from the rest of society (not in a remote way, just in a "we don't engage way"). My next door neighbor girls are fascinated by my cellphone. They have never seen one, don't know anyone who owns one (besides us), and are completely fascinated.

  • Apryl Kuhn

    VCR, cassette tape, rotary phone, long twirly phone cable that would always tangle up, cash money...haha

  • Michele

    I was thinking VCRs as well. Zoe is constantly playing with her DVDs but she doesn't even know what to do with the VCR tapes. She just throws them down and finds a DVD.