Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jelly and Manners Sandwich Please

At lunchtime yesterday, I was trying to get Miss K to decide what she wanted to eat. I gave her the usual list of jelly sandwich, bologna, nuggets, etc. She proudly proclaimed "I want a jelly and (struggling) may-hners sandwich, please."

Dumbfounded, I asked "Manners? That's when you ask politely."
She furrowed her brow and said "I did say please."
I agreed and I told her that, then said "One jelly sandwich coming right up!"
She immediately corrected me. "No, jelly and may-hners."
After a few 'Who's on first' loops, I finally figured that she knew exactly what she wanted and I just had to get more details or make her show me. So I asked "Is 'may-hners' something you eat?"
She giggled and responded "yeeesss" as if I was teasing her. (Little did she know that I was completely clueless.)
"Is it in the cabinet or the fridge?"
So I picked her up and opened the refrigerator door. She looked around on the shelves, pointed and said "It's right there."
Duh. "Ooohh! Mayonnaise!"
Miss K repeated: "Mayor-nays." After about 5 minutes of repeating it, she finally had it. "Mayonnaise!"

How could I not know that my ketchup-hating, mayonnaise-loving child was trying to say she wanted a jelly and mayonnaise sandwich? Maybe because, well, repeat after me "Jelly and mayonnaise." Nope. They don't go together.

Yes, I talked her out of it because I didn't feel like making two sandwiches and I didn't feel like heeding my own advice this time. Jelly and Manners sandwich sounds much more appetizing.


  • Apryl Kuhn

    Cute story, but not good for the appetite!!

  • Pam

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Thanks for the kind words also! That is a cute story. I love the jelly and manners....not so much ready for jelly and mayonnaise.

  • Bottles Barbies And Boys

    Aren't they precious! Love your blog!

    On the hunt...

  • Michele

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had trouble understanding what my daughter is saying : ) Thanks again for the pampering nomination. I am so excited!

  • Miss Lisa

    (I found you off Mommy's martini ;) )
    The gag you hear is me---I DETEST mayonnaise more than any other food on the planet. it is not allowed in our home, ever.
    I am very happy you talked her out of it :)

  • Lori

    Hey Nicole -
    Just returning the visit and dropping by your blog.
    Very cute story about the sandwiches. When my daughter was 3 she spent a week asking for a "sumbitch" instead of sandwich. I think she figured out the right way to say it because we were driving her crazy trying to make her say it again and again.
    Sometimes you've just got to find the humor in anything - even if it is your little kid swearing unintentionally. Ha!

  • Tara R.

    When my daughter was little, my husband would make her peanut butter and banana, and mayonnaise sandwiches. She loved them. EWWww... I never had one of these delicacies, she (now 19 yo) wouldn't eat one now either.

  • Tara

    LOL eww. I have (an adult, lol) friend who eats peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches, completely grosses me out. I agree jelly and manners sound far better than jelly and mayo.