Sunday, May 25, 2008

Off to the Restaurant Bathroom. Again.

While we were out to lunch yesterday, Miss M announced "I need to use the potty."

Sigh. Even if we use the one at home right before we leave, she needs to use the one at the restaurant. This has been going on for quite a while. Sometimes she genuinely needs to go while other times she just comments on the decor.

But a few months ago when we were traveling and it kept happening over and over - and she wasn't actually going - I asked her if she wasn't feeling well or if she just wanted to see the bathroom. She answered honestly, "I just like to see it."

So yesterday at lunch when she just wanted to see the bathroom, I was a bit miffed. She used the restroom at home not 10 minutes earlier. My MIL is visiting from out of town and I was pulled away from the conversation for Miss M's sightseeing trip. Can't really second guess a child's request for a bathroom break, so off we went. When we returned to the table, I grumbled "She just wanted to see the bathroom."

DH responded "Don't complain. Maybe she's going to be a famous bathroom designer some day."

Following a brief pause, he continued "...or a senator."


  • Sarah

    Okay, so the "Famous Bathroom Designer" line had me giggling internally...

    The senator line had me cracking up!!

    Oh, how clever we can be on occassion :D Give hubby a pat on the back for that one :D

  • Anonymous

    How funny !

  • judy

    Ha Ha Ha that's soooooo funny!

  • Anonymous

    Kids and bathrooms! My niece used to insist on sitting on the potty for a minimum of twenty minutes at a stretch talking to her imaginary friends while we waited impatiently outside.

  • Jule

    snicker! Hi Nicole. My girls half to just check out the bathroon all the time also. I think its just the age. We're finally getting settled in the Des Moines area. Hope things are well in your part of Iowa.

  • Michele

    I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a nice bathroom. And when the bathroom isn't so nice, I spend my time in there thinking about how I'd redo it to make it cosier : )

  • Miss Lisa

    Too funny--maybe she is just making a list of 'top public bathrooms'. It could really be handy ;)

  • Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    I just stumbled on here from PB&J in A Bowl, which I love, and am laughing so hard.

    That comment about the Senator...just awful. :-)

    But funny!

  • Anonymous

    My daughter likes to visit every restroom in every restaurant that we go to so that she can wash her hands and dry them. I was so happy to see that she is not the only one with such a weird habit.

  • katydidnot

    senator. *snort*

  • Anonymous

    I went through something similar with my oldest but he seemed fascinated by the yucky dirty ones that made my skin crawl. For a two month period I just had to go places with NICE bathrooms so I wouldn't have to come home and scrub myself in the shower...ugh.