Monday, June 9, 2008

Love and Cheddar

Each night during tuck-in, my children are entitled to two songs. The first song is their choice. Either they select something for me to sing or they get to make up a song themselves. The second song is always mine to choose.

Well tonight was "K Day" which meant Miss K got tucked in first but Miss M was there to help. Miss K decided that she wanted to make up a Princess song and proudly claimed "I'm going to sing about Princess K and Princess M... (rolling her eyes and cocking her head like she's thinking) and love... and cheddar."

Well, we do eat a lot of cheese. And she was making up the song on the fly. Hooray for imagination. (I guess.)

Somewhat befuddled, I repeated. "Love and cheddar?"

Miss K nodded and said "Uh huh."

Miss M chimed in. "Each other. Love each other."

"Ohhh. Love each other! That sounds like a great song."

...and it was. Thank goodness for 5 year old translators.