Sunday, August 17, 2008

Be Careful What You Brag About

You know what happens when you brag about your garden boxes over and over and over again on your blog?  Your MIL puts in an order for one of her own when you visit on vacation. 

I thought it was funny because I did all the boasting about how great a job DH did creating the planter boxes then he ended up with all the work.  Isn't that they way it should be?  He didn't have to work solo though.  Assistant woodworker, Miss K, was on-hand to help out with the assembly.  The rest of us pitched in to help paint it when he was done.  Mine are not painted, but since she lives in an association neighborhood, she didn't want anyone to find any problems with it. 

It was a nice family project while we were visiting her in Alabama... despite the ridiculously hot weather.  Thank goodness we had access to a pool!  In all fairness, MIL was here visiting when we originally built mine and she was a big help.  So I can't complain too much.

Now, with her own raised bed, she will enjoy being able to plant tomatoes - the one thing that she will drive out of her way to a farmer's market to buy.  Maybe I need to tell her to start a blog so she can share pictures of all the progress! 

Oh, and I'm ashamed to say that I didn't get a picture of the final product!  When we were done, Miss M took some artificial flowers and 'planted' them in the bed.

8/22/08 Edit: MIL graciously sent along a picture for me to post on the blog.  Notice that she added trim to the outside of her bed after we left. Guess it wasn't classy enough.  Maybe the fact that I kept referring to it as a coffin made her want to jazz it up a bit.  hehe   Thanks MIL!


  • noreen

    Do you want to come over to our house and build us one too? :)
    I just replied to your email and thanks for the comment on my blog about the ice cream cake. Just so you know I use a mix for my cakes. I have not made them from scratch since Princess G couldn't eat dairy, soy or nuts. Now I just open up a box of cake mix and go!!

  • Flutterby

    I wish we could use raised planter boxes here... they just dry out too fast and we'd have to keep water running in them almost constantly! With the exception of the strawberry and squash beds that are mounded, we have to trench everything else. Makes it harder to keep bugs under control.

  • Sabrina

    Sounds like my MIL. Watch what you tell her! lol