Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hole in the Wall or in my Head

After seeing some really cute commercials for Fox's new reality game show "Hole in the Wall", I added it to my DVR list.  Apparently, it's based on a Japanese game show that's a huge hit.  I was really excited about it because it appeared it was going to be a type of puzzle game show and not only do I love game shows but I also really love puzzles. 

Contestants stand in a designated area in front of a pool.  A moving wall with various cutouts moves toward them and they need to figure out how to get through it.  If they are successful, they earn points.  If unsuccessful, they get knocked into the pool.  Puzzle plus game show for me is a TV match made in heaven. 

DH and I watched the premiere episode of it a few nights ago.  Two teams of three people compete for $25,000.  The show's host is a loud mouth with his lovely assistant equally not-interesting.  Certainly more show in this than game.

The contestants wear what I can only describe as the collision between Devo suits and a vacuum sealer.  (Or as DH says "This show is sponsored by Jiffy Pop.)

The holes were impossible to maneuver through in most of the cases which made it more a show of "lets watch people get smacked by a wall and fall into the water"... and less of a game show where they were trying to realistically make it through to the other side.

The eye-candy male and female lifeguards are probably the best thing showing up on camera - even though they only get a tiny bit of air time.

We figured it was the preview and said to each other "It can only get better."  So we left it on the DVR and figured we would give it another shot.

We were wrong.  It didn't get any better.  It is no longer on our DVR list and I pray that Fox comes up with something better to fill the time slot.  Quickly.  But don't take my word for it, go watch a few minutes of "Hole in the Wall" and come to your own conclusion.


  • Anonymous

    Mrs Aslowerpace and I also were teased by the premier ads touted during all the Fox football games last Sunday. We ended up watching it and laughed our butts off. There is something about desperate people trying to contort their way through an impossibly shaped hole only to be humiliatingly dumped into the water.

    We concluded that Fox should just show a 3-5 minute compilation clip of just the contestants and the wall moving and save humanity from the lame descriptions, replays, host/tart blatherings, and team taunts.

    It's kinda like bungee jumping. Fun once or twice but that's it.

    .....Dan at aslowerpace dot com

  • Apryl Kuhn

    The word "FOX" automatically excludes a show from my DVR. ;)

    Heroes starts soon though!!!

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm,I cannot wait for heroes to start .

  • runningwildkids

    We got to see the premier show too. It was pretty stupid. I won't be watching it again.

  • Danielle

    I saw this on Ellen. She did her own version with a ball pit. Funniy for a tv show bit but now as a whole game show.