Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Divide. I Choose. Finally!

This morning was monumental for me.  Oh, and for the girls. 

There was one piece of cheese left from the brick and Miss M put her claim on it.  Miss K said "I want some too."  (Probably because she heard us talking about it being the last one.)

Instead of taking it and cutting it in half, I said "Miss M, break it to share with your sister."  So she did... and more generously than normal.  It was a 25% / 75% split.  She held out the smaller half for Miss K and proudly offered "Here."

"But I don't WANT that. I want THAT."  (Duh.)  And the fight began.

So I said to Miss M, "Let her pick which one she wants. You divided it, you let her choose."

Guess which one Miss K picked. (Duh)

Since I intended it to be a learning experience and not just a lesson, I took the 25% and said "I'll take this one.  Miss M, you can divide the rest to share with Miss K.  But I'm telling you right now, she gets to pick which one she wants so keep that in mind while you're breaking it."

With complete concentration and precision, Miss M divided the cheese.  Until this point, I was not aware that a kindergartner had the ability to divide a piece of cheese so completely even that if both pieces were weighed they would be exactly the same.  Amazing.

Miss K glared at each piece but couldn't figure out which was bigger.  She finally just randomly picked one.  Neither child was happy but at least they weren't fighting or crying.  They were both just dumbfounded.

I have been waiting for this day for so long that I'm giddy.  While they each savored their non-victory, I told them "From now on whenever we share stuff, one of you will divide and the other gets to choose."

It's already obvious that they will learn quickly - Miss M looked at Miss K and grumbled "Next time you divide."