Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuck in the Mud

Parking is pretty limited at Miss M's school so when there's an event of any kind, parents park in the grassy areas.

Well today was the Valentine's party and considering our recent weather, the grassy areas were anything BUT grassy.  Wouldn't you know my luck these days... I got stuck in the dang mud.  Stupid part is that it I got to the school a little before the party was supposed to start (so I could help set up) and pretty much had choice of any of the grassy areas to park in.  Yeesh.  After a little work of rocking the van back and forth, I finally managed to break free.  By then, people had started parking in the blacktop area of the playground and there were still spots to be had. 

At least I managed to get to dry land before getting out of the van because I did see moms who weren't so lucky and showed up with mud all over their pants.  Guess I'll be washing the van tomorrow.

... and I know better for next time.