Friday, February 6, 2009

Things Not to Brag About

I'm making a list of things NOT to brag about.  First on the list:
"Sorry to hear you have jury duty.  We've been back in Iowa for a few years and I haven't been served yet."

Viola.  Jury Summons showed up in today's mail.

Anyone care to add anything else to my list.  I don't feel like jinxing myself again.


  • Anonymous

    I really hate those bumper stickers that say something to the effect of "My kid was caught being good at [insert school here]." Whadaya mean 'caught being good'? It's called following the rules. Make them invent a better light bulb first before they get a bumper sticker.


  • Kimberly Grabinski

    With my husband being in the military, even though we moved around, Illinois was our "home of record" and they NEVER called us for jury duty because we were never there. Now we've moved to Indiana and BAM - jury summons....